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What is Work From Innisfil?

Work from Innisfil is a program, launched in partnership with two town agencies, that works to: 

  1. Attract remote workers to live in – and work from – Innisfil. 
  2. Supports remote workers who already live in Innisfil with resources and community. 
  3. Supports people already living in Innisfil who want to get a remote job and stop commuting every day.

Why are you launching Work From Innisfil?

For us, the return on investment is about community.

For remote workers: Innisfil already has remote workers and wants to attract more – this is about giving people a great quality of life in our community with more flexibility, lower costs, and better work life balance. In a study we conducted with residents, 90% said they want to continue working remotely or start working remotely post-COVID.

For employers: We want to help employers save money – leveraging our infrastructure investments so they don’t have to keep huge offices. We want to help employers around the world gain a competitive edge by being able to hire from anywhere, including Innisfil locals, without having to worry about relocation costs. And we’re helping to attract people into Innisfil so local employers have people to do the jobs that simply can’t be done remotely. 

For the community: We want to create more local jobs by increasing people who live, work, and play in Innisfil. We also want to create a community people truly enjoy instead of just commuting to and from (in our study, we found that 82% of Innisfil residents commute out of the town for work. We want to change that).

Where is Innisfil?

Innisfil is located on the western shore of Lake Simcoe, a 45-minute drive north of Toronto, 10 minutes down the highway from Barrie.

Is Innisfil safe?

Yes! Innisfil is ranked as one of the top 10 safest cities in Canada.

Is Innisfil expensive to live in?

That depends where you’re coming from. While Innisfil is not the cheapest small town to live in, the prices here give you far more value than you’d get in a bigger city like Toronto. As a town, we focus our dollars on investments that will increase quality of life and career opportunities, like our partnership with Ryerson DMZ, the best university-linked startup accelerator in the world, to bring tech innovation to Innisfil.

Can I rent in Innisfil if I want to move but don’t want to buy a house?

While renting is possible, the majority of residents in Innisfil own their home. However, buying is still affordable for many people – even a price range of less than $350,000 CAD is enough to buy a detached home.

Do I have to apply to move to Innisfil?

No. If you have any questions about moving and working from Innisfil, though, you’re welcome to reach out to us.

Do I have to be a Canadian citizen to move to Innisfil?

No, but you need legal permission to reside in Canada. This could mean permanent residency, a visa, or other permission that isn’t limited to citizenship.

Can you help me find a remote job?

We keep track of remote jobs to help you in your search (check out jobs here). Unfortunately, we are not an employment agency and cannot help with job applications, interview prep, or job offer negotiations.

I have a partner who doesn’t want to work remotely. Can you help them find a local job?

We keep track of all jobs, remote and local, to help you in your search (check out jobs here). Unfortunately, we are not an employment agency and cannot help with job applications, interview prep, or job offer negotiations.

Does Work From Innisfil assist with finding housing or buying a car?

Unfortunately, not at the time. However, there are many qualified Realtors and car dealerships in Innisfil to help you in your search.

Do I need a specific kind of job to Work From Innisfil?

No. If you can work remotely, you can work from Innisfil.

What’s the housing situation like?

The average price of a home in Innisfil is approximately 50% when compared to Toronto, this can vary depending on location, size, and proximity to commercial areas and schools.

Innisfil is also developing the Orbit, which will create big city living in a rural atmosphere; respecting our agricultural heritage while creating density and access to transit in a specific area

What are the educational opportunities in Innisfil?

Innisfil has access to almost 20 schools, including a mix of both public and private across multiple school boards.

Simcoe County is also home to Lakehead University and Georgian College.

Will I be able to access timely healthcare services?

The Town recently invested in healthcare with the brand new Rizzardo Health and Wellness Centre, which provides local access to Royal Victoria Hospital and other ancillary services such as bloodwork, radiology, and family medicine.

There are also three hospitals within a 25-minute drive, and the potential for a new South Simcoe hospital in Innisfil.

What is there to do in Innisfil?

The community is home to world-class recreational amenities, such as Friday Harbour , a $2 billion four-season resort, and both summer and winter recreational opportunities on Lake Simcoe.

There’s also a growing arts community that leads events like the annual Studio Tour and the Dinner in White.

I’m an entrepreneur, does Innisfil provide support for businesses?

Yes, Innisfil provides ongoing support for entrepreneurs and small business owners of all sectors and sizes through the Innisfil Startup Support Network.

Innisfil recently partnered with Ryerson University’s DMZ  to create DMZ Innisfil, a local accelerator supporting businesses looking to scale quickly, one of the first in a rural community.

Once I live there, how do I get around? Is there transit?

There are multiple transit options. The Town has partnered with Uber on the world’s first on-demand transit system, which subsidizes ridesharing for residents.

The community is also serviced by GO trains and busses, and a brand new GO Station (at the centre of the Orbit) is scheduled to open by 2023.

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